Friday, September 18, 2009


Jon left yesterday morning at 5:15 after his close to two week stay. Felt more like a blink of an eye if you ask me.

When I think of his visit here I will picture this and remember he and Gina throughout the night fumbling for covers, readjusting and waking up with sore hips, shoulders and backs.

I will also remember him begging us to make huevos rancheros since he had been craving it. He saw the picture of the one we had made before.
That got me thinking I should probably start posting more food related posts on my blog since "culinary" is in the, I will try and for now start with this.

It's a small, easy snack we made while Jon was here
We grilled halved figs, quartered them, stuffed them with blue cheese and drizzled them with balsamic reduction and seasoned with just salt and pepper. The balsamic reduction is balsamic vinegar and sugar reduced to a light syrup. We served the small morsels with crostini and it turned out to be quite delectable.
It helps if the figs and cheese are fresh, preferably from a French Farmers Market ;-) since they're the star and if you don't have a grill you can quickly sear them on the stove top to get a crispy outside.

I should also mention Jon almost burned our flat down one day while we were at work. There were apparently foot high flames and he thought about what he was going to bring down the stairs if everything actually caught on fire. Whoa. Here is a picture of he and the burnt coffee maker. When asked what started the fire he said "50 Hz," which is the voltage here coming out of the electrical plugs. He spent two hours cleaning up the black film that had covered our entire kitchenette. We still find traces of it when we're cooking.

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