Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Je T'aime BREST....


Alright, I'm going to be real with you on this post...my confession today is this...I haven't been honest with you about where I've been and how I'm doing over here in France...at all. So, here it goes:

Brest is terrible. It is actually known as the "armpit of France." When we told our friends in Paris about where we were going they all gave us strange looks and questioned why we would go to such a place..."really? oh...you do know there are NO Americans in Brest and you know, it's the armpit of France...?"
Well, we thought that was just a dramatization by Parisians so we came here not expecting the armpit, rather maybe an elbow or a knee or something.
Turns out the Parisians were right. It IS the armpit. Fully and completely. I would equate it to a Modesto or a Bakersfield...but WORSE (no offense to anyone from those towns). Seriously...there is construction everywhere, people are still depressed from the war (WWII) and there is close to no history since it was all destroyed from the war. Sad but true. So sad actually.

From the beginning I've been "disappointed in humanity." I know that sounds dramatic but it's true. I've been sad about the people here. I feel like superficiality is taking over me and I'm drowning in a pool of it. The people at La Fleur de Sel were pretty challenging and unwilling to accept that women can be key players in the kitchen...and from what we experienced, their attitude towards externs in general didn't get better with time. But enough about that.


You want to know why? Remember my post a few days ago about Rennes? Well, I'm moving there!!!! Yep...to the beautiful town of Rennes. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am. God is so amazing...He has orchestrated the entire thing. I am so grateful.

Gina and I are starting work a week from today in a Michelin Star restaurant called Le Fontaine aux Perles. We're beginning our entire 18 week externship over but you know what, it's WORTH it, SOOOO worth it.


Scott Walnofer said...

Good Luck with the new move. God has a plan and sometimes you just never understand it till much later down the road. Au revoir Brest and Bonjour Rennes! Looking forward to visiting the city with you via blog. Bon nuit!

Lindsay said...

Get the heck out of there!!!!!!

P.S. I think our souls ARE one.