Monday, March 7, 2011

So Excited

I have a slight obsession with cherry blossoms (known fact if you know me) and it just so happens I'll be in DC this Saturday for the kick off of the National Cherry Blossom Festival!

I honestly couldn't be more excited...and the even cooler part is that I get to go with two of my best friends to walk the mall, Linds and David.
How amazing is the poster this year? I love it...

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pasta in the Mountains

We got into Truckee realllly reallly late Friday night. Stuck in traffic on the 80 was not so much fun. It was a miracle I had these three characters to keep me company. And of course, my trustee ipad.

By the time we got to the cabin, shuffled into the front door and unloaded the car it was far past midnight. Just in time for T to whip up some oh so delicious pasta with tomato sauce to usher us into the snow. So few ingredients- it's almost something magical. I would say it's definitely a recipe to keep in your back pocket for that special night.

The ingredients: pasta, water, salt, canned whole tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, dried peppers, fresh basil, Parmesan Cheese. Bamb! Done!