Friday, September 4, 2009

Bird House or Black Market Pet Store?

I'll let you decide on what it is....

This is the door I see everyday I leave my flat to walk the three flights of stairs down to the street, where I'm greeted with a "brest tattoo" parlor and vacant stripper store. Never mind all the smells.

My wonder of this door began when we started hearing bird was pretty off and on at first so we thought nothing of it but when we heard a distinct chirp while walking down the stairs one day we knew it was for real. I automatically assumed someone was using the room as a bird house and found out later Gina thought the window inside the room was open and birds flew in and out making their own natural bird house. Either way it's super weird and borderline creepy.

Oh yes, and it's incredibly annoying...I think the annoying factor heightens everyday we're here. Yep, their chirpin' right now and I would bet money when I go to sleep tonight I'll hear them question is what the heck are they doing and will they leave my life in the near future?

Yesterday Gina and I noticed the bottom of the stairway not smelling as terrible and had hopes of the smell lasting all the way up to our flat. Nope, right when we got to the bird door it was nothin' but pet store and pee...all day long. Nothing can hide that smell and I'm not kidding when I say it slaps you in the face every time you pass it. It's that gross.

Gina actually had the audacity to ask me to put my nose up to the door and smell it. Excuse me? Not in a million years after seeing her face after she did it. Apparently she had to know if the smell was really coming from that door. I've never had a doubt in my mind.

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