Thursday, December 23, 2010

Brunch at Bar Jules

I love spending time in San Francisco. The cool air, hustle and bustle, lights and high rise buildings. And how about those bridges!? The Golden Gate is quite magical. Cypress trees, parks and museums, appreciation for forward thinking food and almost can't go wrong.

Hayes Valley is a nice little neighborhood that I wish I knew more about. I hear people raving about the shops and quaint eateries but when I'm there I always feel a bit lost. Thomas knew of a spot we thought would be open for breakfast called Bar Jules but instead we killed time until it opened for lunch. I was really craving something breakfasty and it turned out their lunch menu completely satisfied my craving! Let's forget the label of lunch, we'll call it brunch. Bar Jules serves up a tasty, well prepared brunch and I recommend you try it out if you're in the area!

Scrambled eggs w/ scallions, parmesan, wild arugula and proscuitto toasts

Fried eggs w/ white bean puree and artichoke-piquillo relish

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Welcome Home!

David and Lindsay FINALLY came home from Sierra Leone after 6 months of externship. They were ridiculously missed. I think the entire month before they got home I thought about it everyday, always hoping it would come sooner. And then it did!!

We celebrated by preparing a Pizza Feast with decadent toppings, a raw Dino Kale Caesar Salad with avocado and breadcrumbs and poached pears with mascarpone cream. Yum!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Blackjack Thanksgiving with the Williams Crew

We had a great Thanksgiving. My pumpkin pie didn't turn out as I'd hoped but I blame it mainly on the Trader Joe's brand pumpkin puree. Stick with Libby's.

I didn't shoot any good pictures of the food and only felt like taking pictures once we began Blackjack. I have LOTS of pictures of Blackjack.

I got so into the game that by the end of the night I was dead set on going to a store the next day and buying all the fixings...including the card shuffler :) Then I realized it was going to be Black Friday.

I'm thankful for so much. A special thank you to the Williams Crew for having us over to their beautiful home!