Thursday, March 25, 2010

Brown Parchment

There's something about brown parchment paper that I absolutely love. It reminds me of beautiful bouquets of fresh flowers wrapped in brown paper with twine sitting in the basket of someones Parisian bike or "brown paper packages tied up with string," to quote the amazing Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music. It makes baking feel so much more wholesome and lovely.
Why buy white when you can buy brown?

Also pictured are frozen oatmeal raisin pecan cookies that are about to be baked off into deliciousness for my dad. Freezing cookie dough like this is so convenient and since my dad loves to request homemade oatmeal cookies it works out perfect. I freeze them on a cookie sheet one layer at a time and then toss them into a plastic ziploc bag. Frozen dough lasts months while refrigerated dough only a few days...and believe me, if you're a cookie dough fan you'll fall quickly for frozen's to die for (cookie dough ice cream anyone?). I can't believe I've waited this long to make it common practice!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Quarter Century

My 25th birthday couldn't have been more special. I was able to not only enjoy two birthday dinners with family but also headed down to San Luis Obispo with some of my best friends to reminisce our college years, chat uncontrollably and dance our butts off without inhibition. I feel unworthy. But hey, you only turn a quarter century once in your life right?

I'm grateful for family and I'm grateful for friends. I'm grateful I can refer to both parties by either name. Thanks to everyone for making it so splendid.

And thanks to The Village Pub for making such a delicious Chocolate Souffle with Grand Marnier Anglaise. You've outdone yourself and I love you for it.

Monday, March 8, 2010

City Eating

The other day (okay, so when I say "the other day" I really mean a few weeks ago) my Aunt Linda came into town and we went on a city adventure to San Francisco to see the Cartier and America Exhibit (which was absolutely amazing by the way..and they extended the dates so you can still go see it!). On the way there we dined at The Slanted Door in the Ferry Building off the Embarcadero and ate the most delicious lunch that I can't stop thinking about. Well, to be honest, I really just can't stop thinking about this one dish- possibly the most perfect beef lunch entree I've ever eaten: Niman Ranch Flank Steak with fresh ginger over rice noodles with roasted peanuts.

The beef was unbelievably tender with a great flavor, the sauce was light and sweet with a hint of spice accompanied by slivers of fresh ginger, all intertwined with delicate noodles. The mixed baby greens tossed in really won me over as I love dishes that have lots of different food groups, especially vegetables (weird quirk, I know).

Along with the entrees we both enjoyed warm tea beautifully presented in delicate tea pots. I chose the "herbal blend- rose buds, chrysanthemum, lichen and fresh ginger," pictured above and never looked back.

There seems to be a ginger theme here don't you think?

All of this to say, if you're in the city and feel like eating a great meal, try The Slanted Door. And if you don't mind sitting outside on a bench and want to save a few bucks you can hit up their "to-go" restaurant around the corner from the main one. I don't think they serve my obsessed over beef dish but I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

And if you're a billionaire and want to buy me something snazzy for my upcoming birthday, I'd love a replica of the Duchess of Windsor's 1947 bib necklace. Thanks!