Monday, September 7, 2009


Gina: "Vanessa you gotta try this! You just take them off the rock and eat them right out of the shell! I just ate one. They're called Branic."

Me: "Ummm...ya, but Gina, you love oysters and stuff and I don't really so...maybe I wouldn't like it."

Gina: "No you will, you HAVE to try it! Come on! You're supposed to be a chef."

Felippe: "What are you a city girl Vanessa?"

Me: "Fine, give it to me."

(try your best to ignore my double chin through this sequence)

You can see what came of it.
After this scene I found out Gina had spit hers out too and failed to mention it to me when forcing it down my throat. What a friend!


Lindsay said...

Priceless Ness. I miss those faces.

Ande said...

Oooh noo---too funny:-).

lisa mckenna said...

your blog is hilarious!
Have fun with your new life in Riennes ,, adieu Brest ....
take care
lisa mckenna