Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Spectacular Rennes

I headed out to a town called Rennes this past weekend with Gina and Jon and seriously had my life changed.
I thought we were just going on a humble trip to watch their friend play in a small soccer game and it turns out we were in the presence of a real celebrity throughout our entire stay, not to mention in the cutest town ever. Gina and I are in love with the place. I didn't think Carlos was that well known until we went to the crepe restaurant in town and saw "Le Carlos" on the menu. We went there to eat and three our of the four of us ordered it...props to Carlos, it was a delicious combination of ingredients.

Our picnic lunch on the train, which, unfortunately, was cut short when two old ladies came over and booted us out of our seats claiming them as their own. Who knew people were such sticklers here about assigned seating?

Gina and I got pretty into this soccer game-- Saint-Etienne vs. Stade Rennais (we rooted for these guys)
The crowd was CRAZY.. People actually got out flares!

posing with the cool cat on the empty field

This is the view from the room Gina and I stayed in at Carlos' flat...so beautiful!

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