Thursday, September 17, 2009


Yesterday I went to Rennes....again.

Just for the day, Gina, Jon and I headed out in the morning after scrambling our things together and running, literally running, to the train station to catch it before it left. (France prides themselves on their amazing train system..they're ALWAYS on time)

I can't actually say what we did there EXACTLY since...I'd have to kill you, but I will reveal it sometime soon when all is settled.

A few things we did do: road around in Carlos' royal blue mini coup, squished beyond belief in the backseat feeling like we were in The Italian Job, saw Rennes in a new light being as we "brought the stormy weather from Brest," puddled through Carlos' old stomping grounds where he first lived and ate one of the best almond croissants of my life...and became perplexed at the croissant he consumed across from me filled with chocolate AND almond filling (over the top?), and lastly, learned that my brain can only handle so much and that I need to give myself time to breathe and time to be alone and time to pray.

The rest of the details will be spilled later...and no, I did not meet my husband.

These two were invaluable yesterday...without them Gina and I would be lost beyond belief. Thanks to Carlos for learning French the 10 months he's been here and thanks to Jon's mother, Linda Brandt, for forcing 13 years of French lessons on the young lad.

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