Thursday, August 27, 2009

Best Meal Yet

Today Gina and I woke up at 2pm, which, before coming here, I didn't know was possible but now know it's not only possible but quite normal on a day off.
We planned ahead and went to the market around the corner yesterday to buy ingredients to make ourselves huevos rancheros for breakfast today... though I suppose it was more of a lunch/dinner since we didn't end up eating until 4.
We both agreed it was the best meal we've had in France so far, cross my heart.
Homemade ranchero sauce, homemade refried "blanc" beans, Emmental cheese (the only stuff they have that isn't blue or brie), fried corn tortillas, fresh coriander, creme fraiche, avocado, fried eggs and lots of love ;-).
We never wanted it to end. I even went so far as to say cilantro is now my favorite herb and I could eat huevos rancheros everyday for the rest of my life.
This is a picture of our kitchenette...challenging but it worked great aiding with our masterpiece.
John Mayer sang to us through my iTunes. It was a wonderful start to the afternoon.

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rod said...

Nice! i think i could indulge in the Huevos pictured for sure. BTW, me thinks it *should* be the best meal so far, given the chef's credentials of course;-)

not sure about the kitchen facilities