Monday, August 17, 2009

Welcome to Brest!

About a week before graduation I was able to speak to the Chef we would be working under in Brest, Chef Yann Plassard. He informed me when we arrived in Brest we would work at another one of his establishments (he owns 3 restaurants in Brest and according to everyone, "he owns the town") since he and the restaurant we are going to be working at, Le Fleur de Sel, would be on holiday. He assured us when we arrived in Brest from Paris someone would come from this other restaurant, L'O a' la Bouche, and pick us up in a black Audi.

After the 4.5 hour train ride from Paris, Gina and I arrived, called L'O a' la Bouche and spoke with the Chef de Cuisine there, Erwhan. He said he'd be right over. We watched car after car drive by the train station making jokes at the ugly ones saying it was probably our ride and perking up at any Audi that came by. About 20 minutes went by and this vehicle pulled up and we both just knew it was for us. Out popped the Chef who was unable to open the side door of this classy van and instead threw our luggage into the back through the front door while cars honked at him as if he couldn't hear. Gina and I hopped in, uneasy and excited, and sat like sardines to the restaurant. A few minutes into the ride I noticed a huge trash can of dirt and a shovel in the back of the van...I'll let you imagine where my thoughts went from there.

The whole day was super overwhelming meeting the kitchen staff, seeing the restaurant, seeing our temporary apartment, learning the town and attending an incredibly strange party that was reminiscent of a junior high dance with the addition of booz, crazy French talk and chain smokers. We were delighted to see the ocean which was something we both looked forward to while in Paris.

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