Monday, August 17, 2009

First Work Shift

Alright, first day of work/first shift at work. Gina and I started the day by briskly walking the forty five minutes to work in the rain...which drenched my pants and basically made us look like little wet rats, hence our disgruntled faces in this picture. Once we got to work we said hello to everyone with the two kiss thing. I'm still getting used to this French greeting and when I went to go do it to the Sous Chef, Anthony, I gave him a fat smooch on the second kiss right on his left cheek. At first I didn't think much of it but then I asked Gina if her lips ever touch the persons cheek and she's all, "no way! you only touch cheeks." Great, so Anthony probably thinks he just scored a big one with one of the new American girls.
I worked with him all shift and at the end he said, "Parfait!"....I was tempted to ask if he meant my skills were perfect or the kiss before the shift was.

A few other things:
1. forget about doesn't exist here.
2. if you think reading tickets in an American restaurant gets confusing, try reading them in French.
3. family meal, 10:30 am, braised lamb, could you stomach that?
4. we have a dumb waiter at the restaurant and it makes me laugh


rod said...

hahaha...great picture! you two seem to be enjoying the moment! i'm sending from sunny california of course. be young and full of energy! hope your 2nd day is better;-)

rod said... more thing...don't talk to the dumb waiter:-)