Saturday, August 22, 2009

First Day Off!

Gina and I decided to live it up on our first day off....even if it was only after three days of work ;-). It actually feels like more since we work two shifts everyday. We drank cafe with a delicious mousse, saw the pier and made ourselves known as the only Americans in town by changing into our new boots in the middle of a center square! We've decided by the end of the 5 months we will be known by almost everyone here as we most definitely stick out everywhere we go. Before we came apparently the guys in the kitchen spoke of American girls coming and no one believed them since it's so rare. I guess we just have to embrace it!

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Scott Walnofer said...

Why did you never tell me you were a blogger? It is so much fun to read your adventures and travels in France. If you ever desire to go to Toulouse, let me know b/c I have a lot of crazy friends that you would have a great time with. Enjoy the ride.