Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Freddie the French-English"man"

Frederick is a boy Gina and I had the pleasure of working with our first three days in the kitchen and basically adopted as a little brother. He's a sweet 15 year-old boy who we have grown in just six work shifts to absolutely adore. His father lives in Northern France where he grew up and currently attends "hospitality" high school and his mom lives in London where he spends holidays with her husband who "drives a Jaguar." Because of this he has great English with a delightful British accent while being fluent in French and our translator.

Some of my favorite quotes from Freddie: *(read with a British accent)

1. "Goodbye love"
2. "You speak more British than you do American!"---referring to me and my temporary British accent attempting to sound like I'm in the movie Pride and Prejudice
3. "Did you know there are women in the world who can break coconuts with their bums?"
4. "Oh no, don't listen to him, you know he's just trying to make out with you right?
5. "Nathan, he thinks he's so macho over there..."
6. "ya easy for you...that's because you have fairy fingers" his explanation for why I was better at rolling out pie dough
7. "I don't understand....a large McDonalds soda in France is the size of a small one in America! I can hardly finish the small over here! Americans are mad!"
8. "My favorite cereal is Cheerios, have you heard of them?"
9. "It's weird you never say the word 'awesome,' I thought every girl in America never stopped saying it."
10. And my favorite...."American people never stop eating!" referring to Gina, Nathan and I snacking in the kitchen.

His dad picked him up this morning and to drive the seven hours back home and we're all pretty sad about it. He said Halloween in London is quite fun so Gina and I may have to head up there to join him for the festivities. Until then, we'll miss our little comedic relief!


Greta said...

I couldn't not LOL at Freddie's comments! I totally saw awesome all the time...I'm such a stereotype!
Glad to see you guys are having fun and making friends over there!!

David said...

I wish I was this kid? LUCKY!!!