Tuesday, October 12, 2010

From Candy Pills to Viruses...

Originally, after my Dad's surgery to remove his glyoblastoma brain tumor last October he was put on two different chemotherapy drugs: Tarceva and Temodar.
I've tended to keep myself somewhat removed from all the medications he's on so I don't become completely overwhelmed...there are details for days and I'm incredibly grateful for Andrea, my step-mom, for keeping on top of it all. One day I remember my Dad mentioning how much Temodar pills bugged him. They were "candy pills" in his opinion- big and bright, filled with colors that will easily attract a young child. What are the producers of this drug thinking? Chemo pills are deadly to kids, and essentially poisonous to those adults that take them; They are highly potent and not to be trifled with, so why the outside appearance of Pepto-Bismol? We don't know and it remains an annoying mystery.

But enough talk about the candy pills. Now that the tumor has reared it's ugly head again we're breaking out the big guns and turning our attention to a new clinical trial at UCSF. This one, in very simple terms, injects a virus into my dad's head where the tumor lives and then acts as a catalyst for the drugs he will take by mouth during the following months to attack this tumor with its now virus companion. It's fascinating, really, and extremely mind boggling. The technicalities of this trial can be found HERE.
We're trusting that the Lord will continue to lead us in the direction of this trial up until the surgery date of November 5th. If He has something else in mind, we'll be following that lead.
Thank you so much for all your prayers!

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We Love you Vanessa.