Saturday, October 16, 2010

Equinox, Washington, DC

This post is a little after the fact, but I really wanted you to see a glimpse into Equinox, one of the two restaurants that came up when I searched "farm-to-table" restaurants within Washington, DC. All I wanted was something to stand up to Denvers Rootdown, but I think that may have been asking a bit too much. I had this idea that being the Nations capital, Washington, DC would have amazing forward-thinking, farm-to-table restaurants. It must be the California in me seeping out.

Equinox wasn't bad but it didn't blow me or Matt out of the water (especially for the price). Certain things were delicious like the Sweet and Sour Eggplant and Matt's Grouper Filet but it wasn't enough for us to give our overall experience an "A."

I don't exactly want to sit and nit-pick the meal since some of the things are personal preferences but I do want to focus on one important thing, which are the scallops. They were "potato crusted" which sounded great but they didn't tell me the scallop underneath would be naked. I don't care what is adorning my scallop and how crunchy that item is, I like the actual piece of shellfish to be seared with a delicious crust. As I went to cut into the first scallop the potato crust fell off and I was shocked to see my little scallop looking like I caught him with his pants off, all white and steamed looking. The flavor wasn't bad, actually that potato crust was quite delicious, but I need that crust!

One other thing I'll say is the mignardines (little desserts that come with the check) weren't fabulous. The little shortbread cookies tasted a little like take-and-bake Pillsbury sugar cookies and the jellies didn't quite taste like Cherry as the waiter had said. I've been super into jellies lately so was a bit bummed.

BUT, the place was super cute and I hear Equinox is where all the big-wig Capitol Hill people go to eat lunch and talk everything important. If I go next time I'll have to read up on my politics and go for lunch!

They offered cornbread, Grugeres and rustic white bread, Yum!

Carolina Red Grouper Filet “en Brodetto” 29
Little Neck Clams, Maine Mussels, Chorizo, Saffron Broth

Potato Crusted Montauk Diver Scallops 31
Sweet & Sour Eggplant, Baby Spinach, Toasted Pinoli

Matt eating the shortbread at the end of the meal...he must be thinking about those Pillsbury cookies :)

How classy is this ceiling?? I loved it

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