Friday, October 29, 2010

Eureka, Friends and Lavender Cheesecake

I went to Eureka with my friend Erin to visit a few of our college/bestest friends Bekah and Janne and we had way too much fun.
Janne, pictured above, sold her first cheesecake that weekend and we decided to replicate it a day later so we could actually taste it. Lavender cheesecake with an almond crust- simply delicious. I'm not exactly a cheesecake person but this one just may have changed my heart; Yum!

She is super creative with her cheesecake creations and made this flavor up by using a mixture of Cypress Groves Purple Haze goat cheese (that has lavender mixed into it) with cream cheese and adding homemade lavender sugar (she crushed lavender and sugar together and then sifted the sugar out into the cake- brilliant!)

The topping was a mixture of sour cream and more lavender sugar. Janne mentioned how much she loves sour cream toppings on cheesecake because it cuts the richness and I completely agree. Pretty sure everyone who ate this cheesecake would agree that all components were necessary and perfectly combined.

Lounging while it poured rain of my favorite things

Janne decided and we all agreed that Erin (on the right) looked Dutch with her skinny jeans and borrowed New Balance shoes. So funny!


Lindsay said...

After that first group shot I thought, "Erin is wearing skinny jeans!!! Whoa!" Ha ha ha.

ebry said...

so embarrassing.