Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cherubini Coffee House, Alamo, CA

I'm going to go ahead and call this quaint coffee house a diamond in the rough. My good friend Bre and I were in Alamo searching for a local, super cozy, non-commercial chain to grab a cappuccino and tea and we stumbled upon this place! It is attached to an Antique store (of course) and is a little off the beaten path. Well not that far off the main road but enough to where it didn't catch my eye the first time around.

Stepping inside on this perfect drizzly fall day was like walking into a grandmothers house with a fire in the fireplace. Antique furniture, vintage wall decorations and cozy chairs ushered us in to sit and chat for as long as we wanted.

They serve breakfast of which I cannot give an opinion since I didn't eat any but I did split a piece of their bread pudding with Bre that we saw had been written up as being "unbelievable." It was pretty much perfect, tasting like french toast doused with caramel sauce.

The cappuccino I sipped brought me straight back to France with its extreme intensity, as if it had little to no milk at all with the espresso. It was so strong I had to put two sugar packets in it! Next time I'll probably try something different, maybe some tea since Bre seemed to quite enjoy hers.

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Breanne said...

I found this link today with a few more pictures: ...I might be a little overzealous :) Seriously, I wish I didn't have to work in the mornings so I could begin establishing my "regular" status tomorrow.