Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Greta is Bride to Be!

We celebrated her last couple weeks of being single in Napa wine tasting, eating good food and playing hilarious bridal games.

We began the "wine tasting tour" (by limo, I might add :) at Mumm Napa, one of my old stomping grounds. I used to be able to taste for free being a student at the CIA and I have to say it remains one of my favorite spots! The outside seating is beautiful and looks out to an amazing valley of vines, which are perfect right now being it's right before harvest.

You should swing by Mumm Napa if you're in the area and if you do, take a chance and try their Cuvee Red, it's quite unique and vibrant.

Oh! and don't forget to stop and grab a few out of this world, cheap and delicious carnitas tacos at La Luna Market and Taqueria right down the street!

(diligently filling out our cute little wine tasting booklets)

I couldn't have said it better myself...

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Greta said...

I was so startled when I first saw myself on your page!! Love the pics girl!! Love you more!!