Monday, September 20, 2010

Quite the Fall Mixer

My Dad knows how to throw a party; He and Andrea truly outdid themselves this time.
A live jazz band, catered dinner, fresh flowers, perfect weather, wonderful friends and family (70+ came!) and lots of delicious red wine...and other beverages, of course -- Have I ever mentioned how big of a wine connoisseur my dad is?

The DD's of the night...I think "cool cats" fits them much better.

I was the first to request champagne...

Check out how HUGE this bottle is!! It was even more crazy how fast it disappeared!

My dad's old high school buddies-- one hilarious group of fellas.

They held a raffle towards the end of the night giving away a great Napa Wine book, a beautiful wooden wine opener and two amazing bottles of wine. I was slightly disappointed I didn't get to snag any tickets!

Cheers to my Dad for making it through one of the hardest years ever. We most definitely will be celebrating this time next year with another fabulous party!

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Lindsay said...

Beautiful pics, Ness. I'm so proud of your family. Just beautiful.