Monday, September 6, 2010

"What! You've never eaten Five Guys?!..."

I'd be lying if I said Five Guys hadn't been built up to the extreme measure before I ate there. After going to culinary school with many east coasters and being friends with one of the most opinionated east coaster EVER, I'd heard about the burger joint that Matt claims, "doesn't compare to In-n-Out." He also states that "In-n-Out is weak and a perfect example of how Californians don't know what real food is." Strong words, right?

I thought so and also knew I had to try it and compare it to my favorite burger place in the entire world.

There is a logical reason I love In-n-Out and that's my obsession with ratios. Not ratios a male would necessarily like, but ones that I do. I enjoy the petite patty, thick piece of lettuce and small, slightly crispy bun sitting atop the perfect amount of secret sauce. I like that the toppings are simple and perfect and their "weird" fries are delightfully crisp if eaten in a reasonable amount of time.

Five Guys is good, real good, but it's different. So different I don't think I want to compare it at all to In-n-Out. Don't get me wrong, Five Guys is definitely "in a class by itself," but I can't say it is better.
The fries are thicker, the normal burger comes with two patties instead of one, there are tons of topping to choose from including sauteed mushrooms and hot sauce and they have peanuts for you to munch on while you wait to remind you about the fries being fried in nothing else but peanut oil. Very manly.

The staff was friendly and the service was prompt at the one we went to in D.C. but after biting into the ginormous burger I did have one small complaint. It was just a tad bit dry and in need of more sauce. Not a huge deal, but something to note. The burger Matt ordered was perfectly sauced but I think it was because it also had cheese and bacon to fill in the gaps where sauce didn't hit...

Matt, the In-n-Out dis-liker in all his glory. Quite the host, I might add.


Lindsay said...

I'm so glad you got to try Five Guys. That was our conclusion too- they shouldn't be compared. Both delicious. To me, Five Guys tastes and looks like a burger you would make it your backyard. No?

Anonymous said...

I don't know Ness......Those fries look pretty tasty!!! How would you say it compares to Taylors??? I think Taylor's kicks In-n-Outs bum! Miss ya Sister!
xo, Georgina

david :) said...

Lindsay, you are on crack! Five Guys wins hands down... it's a close hands down but all those hands still be down yo.

Vanessa... WHY would you order a burger without cheese and bacon. WHY?

vcouvrey said...

Gina!'re right, Taylor's is the best..BUT I don't consider it a fast food place, haha. Is that okay? :)

And David, the burger already had TWO want me to put cheese and bacon on that? You know how I am with stuff like that...I just can't do it!

Linds, glad we're on the same page :)