Friday, August 20, 2010

Sweet Action in Denver

There is nothing like a scoop of Brown Sugar Banana ice cream on a hot summer day in Denver. And when you walk into Sweet Action off Broadway you're hit with a cool breeze from the subtle air conditioning and fresh air spilling in the front window mixed to perfection.

Sweet Action is unique in it's flavors and consistent with its quality. I don't necessarily always like all the flavors since they can be a bit daring but I always enjoy tasting the concoctions and choosing the one I liked most. There's something about its vibe I love-- Maybe it's the fun artwork, cool Denver folk I always see inside or the sense I get that they're taking so much care with the product being created. It's why I love America; someone can take an idea and run with it, be successful and bring new perspective to something as simple as ice cream flavors.

You should hit this place up if you're in Denver, whether it's 100 degrees or can always buy a pint with a cute label and bring it home to enjoy by the fire :)

Oh, and did I mention ice cream is my favorite food? Believe it!

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