Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Saying Goodbye

Last days are always strange.
It seems no matter what disappointment sets in at some point after all the emotional build up because no one-shift or one day experience can sum up the time you've spent somewhere.

My last day was a busy one at the restaurant with a stressed Chef and frantic cooks. It doesn't matter though since when I look back at my experience at La Fontain Aux Perles I won't just remember my last day. Instead I'll remember everyday, all the shifts and metro rides, the jokes, the French chatter I couldn't understand, the knife cuts, the tremendous amounts of different seafood, the foraged mushrooms, Carol's cafe, and of course taking breaks from the kitchen washing trash cans.

I'll miss the restaurant a little but what I'll really miss are my co-workers. They were the ones who really made the tough days bearable. Even the hectic last day, as you can see from this picture. (and yes, I know this post is a little late ;-)

On my way out the door Baptiste (pictured below) said, "Vanessa, before you leave, say 'Oh La Vache' for us one last time." So I did, and since they think me saying the French phrase meaning "oh my gosh" is hilarious, they all laughed one last time at it.

Baptiste pretending to carry the little stereo like a jukebox

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