Monday, February 8, 2010

Paris: Best Fallafel Sandwich

There is a fallafel place in Paris that rivals any fallafel I've ever eaten. In fact, in 2006, it was written up in the New York Times!
Located in the Jewish neighborhood, Marais, it was a 30 minute walk to our rented flat, the perfect distance to build up an appetite- and an appetite you definitely need!

Here are the reasons I believe L'As du Fallafel makes the BEST fallafel sandwich (in the world?):

1. The pita is fresh, not dry or too doughy
2. There is the perfect proportion of fritters to sauce to greens (I'm a big proportion person)
3. It comes with big chunks of fried eggplant (eggplant is my favorite)
4. The fried chickpea fritters are light and crispy, not dry and dense
5. There is an adequate amount of white garlic sauce to last
6. Just when you think the sandwich is over and all you have is a dry bite of bread at the end there is a hefty layer of delicious hummus awaiting you!

Bon Appetite!

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Lindsay said...

That's just the cutest little face I've ever seen. Glad you're back in the States :)