Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Le Mont-Saint-Michel

she got a kick out of the lamb fur we saw on the side of the road

Anyone told I was going to live in the Brittany region of France informed me I MUST visit Mont-Saint-Michel. It's located on the border of Normandy and Brittany and during tourist season is one of the countries main attractions.

What a site! The locals aren't lying when they say it's spectacular and a must see. It dates back over a million years when the rock island was formed and what became later an abbey was built starting in the year 708 in honor of the Archangel, Saint Michael.

The lamb around the area is said to be delicious from feeding on the salty grass and restaurants in the area are known for their huge souffle-like omelets. Yum!

I would definitely stay nearby again to see the night view of this beautiful place if I ever went back- though next time I will wear more layers and ear muffs for the 2K walk back to the hotel from the was FREEZING!

how cool are the people on the bridge at the bottom??

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