Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Spirit

Christmas spirit has come upon me... has it hit you yet?

Today, excited to be done with the long work week Gina and I hit the town shopping, visiting cafes and experiencing Christmas-time in Rennes. What a long (and the 30's), fun-filled day!
It put me in the most splendid holiday mood ever and I am absolutely relishing in it.

It helps that my friend Gabe gave me a link to download free Christmas music so Gina and I could fill our flat with lovely Christmas tunes. It's only good before December 17th so get it while you can! It's at

Here are a few pictures of Rennes with its best face on.

a man selling roasted chestnuts...oh France

1 comment:

Breanne said...

You should try the roasted chestnuts. They're actually better than you'd expect. Plus it'll give you a whole new appreciation for the song and make you feel even more festive :)