Sunday, March 29, 2009

Keeping Me Sane

These two pictured here...these two keep me sane.
Not to get all sentimental, but Burroughs and Georgina have truly given me the friendship I need to make it through this program. Burroughs is an extreme type A personality who is always interested in new ideas and knows every gadget for the kitchen you can possibly think of. He's also known to be a bit hoity toity. Actually, Georgina and I decided his picture should probably come up if the term was googled. Georgina is spunky to the core, full of amazing ideas and despite her beauty, completely down to earth. My favorite moments with these two involve champagne, pizza and great conversation along with dancing the night away at Anna's Cantina.
In this picture they're singing "Glamorous" at Anna's. By the end of the song Georgina had changed it to "B-O-O-G,E-R, boogers man ya.." One of our Chefs from Denmark awhile back accidentally called Burroughs "Boogers" and it has kind of stuck with him. Classic.


cookanddog said...

he he, boogers :) I love that chef jorin came up with that nickname. I can't believe you guys are in euro/med already! You're growing up so fast! sniff sniff. Any idea for externship yet?

georgina said...

OH "VERONICA"!!!!! I just love you so much!!! You most definitely help with my sanity as well. I don't even want to think about what this experience would have been without you. I cherish our giggles and gossip girl moments. You always keep me smiling!! Thanks Sister!!

xo, G

vcouvrey said...

psyche! actually....Chef LARS is from Denmark and I was having a brain fart when I wrote this post...sorry Sasha! It's kind of more funny that it's Lars though right?
oh...and no one really knows what they're doing for externship yet...yikes!

cookanddog said...

oh lars and his nicknames, I was shasha the entire time. And Taylor became Tyler. Oh, i can here his accent right now. Good luck with finding an extern, I'm sure you will find a good one.