Sunday, April 5, 2009

"smells like marijuana.."

I am now fully immersed in my Wines and Beverages Class after a week and completely loving it. Our teacher, John B. (his last name is German, long and he never makes anyone remember it) is a walking wine encyclopedia and I've been amazed at how much he keeps my interest as he rattles off facts and figures encompassing all that this complex industry holds.
Every day we taste different wines from different regions and yes, it adds up, and yes, we spit, or I spit...because if I didn't my nights would be consecutive blurs and I would get absolutely nothing done.
One wine that has stood out thus far has been the Chateau Ste. Michelle & Dr. Loosen Riesling, "Eroica" 2006, from Columbia Valley, WA. Easy to drink, crisp and delicious....and I'm pretty sure I spotted it at the Trader Joe's here in Napa for a decent price. I never thought I was much into Rieslings before this week but have found out I really enjoy their flavor and they're not always super sweet.
As we taste each day we go through the Wine Tasting Sheet motions of appearance, smell, acidity, tannins, body, food pairings etc. etc. On Friday we tasted a flight of wines from New York and North Carolina and one, the Dr. Konstantin Frank Semi Dry Riesling, smelled exactly like marijuana. Being that we're all adults and have all at some point smelled marijuana whether it be at a concert or walking down the streets of California I didn't think much of sharing my opinion with the class. After John called on me and I told him I thought it smelled EXACTLY like marijuana probably half the class fixated their wide eyes on me and said, "whoa!" Everything from a sarcastic, "Gosh Vanessa, I didn't know you smoked out," to, "I can't believe Vanessa just said that," to, "she's the last person who would know what that smells like," came from all around me echoing throughout the cold room. John B. just chuckled, agreed with me and amused himself with the comments floating around. I, surprised at the commotion still couldn't wrap my head around why it was such a big deal and would not let up on the obvious fact that the wine and marijuana had identical scents.
I didn't think this particular event was blog worthy until the next day while working at the school classmates were still laughing about it and couldn't believe I said it. Then later that night one of my friends said, "gosh, I would never have the guts to say that to our teacher! but you Vanessa, because we know you don't smoke, I guess it's okay...but John probably thinks you're a pot head now." Great, great. My honesty has paid off with one of the coolest teachers at the CIA thinking I smoke out. My honest self will just have to correct this misunderstanding at some point within the next two weeks of class!

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Allison said...

Vaness! It sounds like you're having a blast (as long as everyone doesn't think you're a pot-head)! ;-) I really hope you're enjoying every moment of culinary school though. It is now time for me to leave SLO, and I miss you girls all over again. You must be busy, but Napa is only 2 hours or so away from home, so while I'm wandering the area looking for a job and what to do with my life, maybe we can reconnect! :-)