Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"Couvrey 'n Whites"

I never stayed up too late doing homework in college, never had chest pain before a presentation and definitely never had to present a food establishment concept to a group of "potential" investors.

The CIA has changed all of this for me. The past two and a half weeks have been filled with late nights (no, not all-nighters, but 3am is "late" enough for me), coffee (of which I usually don't drink) and extreme anxiety for the presentation of the biggest assignment while here. It's interesting how priorities change when something really takes over your life. I understand now when people really can't answer my email in a day or accidentally skip a meal. It's not that hard to do when every second counts.

My concept, Couvrey 'n Whites is an establishment located in the downtown area of San Luis Obispo, CA, marketed to those between the ages of 25 and 55 who enjoy eating quality, local food. But enough stats...I won't bore you with the projected income statement, start-up costs and menu cost forms. I will just share with you my vision.

It will be a place for people to come grab a bacon waffle (house-made bacon) in the morning, a panini, soup or salad at lunch, enjoy hand-crafted bar snacks with a glass of wine or beer in the afternoon and grab a hot loaf of rosemary bread at 2.
The focal point will be a large wooden table surrounded with black saddle stools, lit by rustic chandeliers. Though there will be prepared foods I will also be selling specialty meats made in-house and local cheese. Plus, on Friday and Saturday nights I will be open into the late night for people to come, stand around the table, eat bar snacks and drink merrily together.

After all was said and done, after my chest pain went away a few hours after I presented and after I compiled all the loose papers cluttering my binder from this project to be put somewhere not to be seen for a good while, I admired my menu.

It looks official. The one on the left is the full menu and the other is the bar menu. It's on thick beautiful paper with sophisticated font. I wish I could send you one in the mail and invite you to come dine at it. Maybe some day.

Oh and to those who think the name "Couvrey 'n Whites" is completely vain, rest assured, I will be opening it with my good friend Lisa White, a graduate of the CIA's Baking and Pastry Program and a bread whiz. Get it? Couvrey, White? I know...perfect.

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Lindsay said...

I'm so glad you're done!! Yay! Good job, girl. BTW the little word verification to do this comment was "dianea." That looks like diarrhea. Weird.