Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sunchoke Puree at the Ritz

Recently I've wanted to cut back on my complaining at restaurants. No particular reason other than not wanting to be annoying to the waiter . Who knows what kind of day they had. I mean, unless they're really terrible at their job or the food is pretty bad or not what I ordered I don't want to say a peep.

The other day at the Ritz Carlton I ordered the Sea Bass. The waiter sold me on it saying there was a sunchoke puree on the bottom and pickled sunchokes on top. Sunchokes remind me of the restaurant I worked at in Rennes; we would steam and puree them with cream (from Normandy, of course) and use the rich silky tuber as a garnish. It was so good! I couldn't wait to consume the puree and see what a pickle sunchoke looked like at the Ritz.

My dish came and the only puree I saw was yellow, looking more like butternut squash and the pickled vegetable wasn't a sunchoke, it matched the puree in color and was in fact a butternut squash. Hm. I looked under the fish and to my disappointment it was only grilled frisee. Interesting. My sunchoke dreams were shattered. The strange colored puree tasted a hint of sunchoke but not enough to make it amazing.

Without thinking I asked our waiter about it..."I was just curious where the sunchokes were in this dish?" He ran to the kitchen coming back to tell me they were in fact pureed with the butternut squash. Okay, not a huge deal, I smiled and thanked him for asking.
He then proceeded to apologize profusely for selling me the dish wrong and told me to save room for dessert...he was going to send out a cookie platter.

Ahh, I didn't need free food! I'm sorry! Didn't I recently vow to stop my complaining? I was just inquiring, not complaining...

The cookies were good, real good, but maybe not worth backsliding on my goal. I will say, however, that the coffee flavored macaroon was quite delicious.

Shaved fennel and celery salad topped off this crab cake. I love this idea.

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