Monday, November 15, 2010

The Grove on Fillmore

Have you been to The Grove on Fillmore in San Francisco? If not, you most definitely should. This trendy, way too beautifully mis-matched eating establishment is something you don't want to miss. E and I went there to have lunch and do work on our computers the other day and had a splendid time.
I ordered a Chinese Chicken Salad (completely unlike me and I regretted it right after) and E ordered the Chicken Pot Pie. Great decision on her part.

It's kind of pricey and most definitely crowded but there's something about it that makes me feel right at home. Perhaps it's the cow print couch we sat on while our legs were up on a large round foot stool made of the same material or how when I looked around at the patrons they all acted as if they were in their own living rooms lounging, laughing, surfing the web and eating delicious food.

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