Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I have an internal struggle surrounding foods like donuts. I think it’s backed by the American condition of bad food versus good food, diet restrictions and over indulging.
It’s one of those foods you shouldn’t eat everyday so you need to learn to eat them in moderation, whatever the word moderation should mean to you. I’m not very good with fuzzy rules…. including the fuzziness around moderation. I suppose it’s a learned virtue that I’m still honing.

I love donuts. My childhood favorite was the cake with white frosting and rainbow sprinkles and now if I don’t opt for this one I either get a maple bar or a simple glazed. When I was young I used to eat the cakey part of my mom’s glazed donuts since she only liked the parts with frosting. Isn’t that ridiculous?

If you’re going to indulge I am a firm believer it better be a darn good donut.
Nestled in Santa Clara in a rundown shopping center lives Stan’s Donut Shop and it’s just the spot to do it. Open since 1959, they've definitely mastered the art of delicious donut making.

This little gem pumps out fresh, hand rolled donuts everyday. You’ll end up waiting in a decent line but won’t ever be disappointed with the crisp outside, creamy on the center texture. I think you deserve one and quite frankly I think I deserve one too, even if it is a few days before Thanksgiving!

Before this visit with my Dad I hadn’t been in years. I felt like I was 8 again, heading over to grab donuts down the street on an early Saturday morning and deciding on the cake one with rainbow sprinkles :)

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