Saturday, July 24, 2010

Leenie and Sideboard

Sideboard, located in the downtown of Danville, CA is a sustainable coffee shop/delicious food joint that my friends and I always hit at least once during our reunions. They serve Blue Bottle Coffee, Red Blossom Tea and farm to table type bistro food. You'll find items such as Rustic Bruschetta with Ricotta Cheese, Truffle Macaroni and Cheese and Carnitas Quesadillas on their constantly changing menu.

Shabby chic and full of charm, Sideboard rivals my favorite coffee shops in San Luis Obispo (hard to admit). The outside seating is great when it's sunny and the inside is cozy and warm with big dark wooden tables; perfect for a rainy day.

I met Leenie there this weekend to celebrate her birthday....the beautiful princess kitty-kat has joined the quarter of a century club! We split delicious French Toast with banana syrup and maple whipped cream, suggested by the man who took my order, bless his heart. Their lattes are served in bowls with pretty designs on top and their tea is presented "Japanese style." I love sipping tea out of the petite cups.

(I love this girl)

(Don't those banana slices look like andouille sausage?)

(They don't have flavors for your lattes but I like that they hold the flavor of the espresso in such high regard :))

(This was Peppermint Rose tea...soothing to the max)

(An over-sized fork to greet you on your way in)


ebry said...

i want to go to there.


Lindsay said...

Aww you guys are presh. Leenie is such a little birthday cupcake!

Kathleen Pearson said...

I love that girl (Vanessa). I want to go back tomorrow. And the day after that. And that. Etc.