Saturday, July 31, 2010

Jam Party!

Today was the jam making party for Greta and Kyles big day coming up October 10th. We had the fabulous wedding favor jam making event at their NEW house in Roseville. There's something wonderful about making jam with moms and girlfriends, crafts and mason jars. It was a good day...

The future Mrs. Dushane mashing up strawberries. This bride is or-ganized with loads of creative ideas...props.

Did you know this much sugar went into jam? Bre and I were amazed! For every five cups of mashed strawberries we put six cups of white sugar...woa. I think I've decided I love the jam making process...and just think of all the concoctions you can come up with!

It wasn't easy to tie the twine on, taking four hands per mason jar. I began to help in the beginning and ended up abandoning the task to take on hulling strawberries, grateful there were an even number of bridesmaids to finish it up. Tackling pounds of strawberries with a paring knife is a little more my style :)

(The Apricot Jam was made before we got there...I've got dibs on one of these after the wedding)



Greta said...

Ah!! Love it Vaness!! Thank you so much for coming up and helping! So good seeing you! Can't wait to share in more of the upcoming festivities with you and my other awesome bridesmaids!!

sheila said...

Where's my picture!! Ha!! You girls were awesome and I am so relieved and so thrilled at all we got done!! Thank you so much!! The blog is fabulous Vanessa!!

vcouvrey said...

thanks sheila! so...that pic of you and greta was blurry (so disappointing)...i'm going to have to get a good one next time!