Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Shethars and "the Springs"

Hollandaise galore

I had the absolute pleasure of spending a few days in Colorado Springs with my friend Mike and his family this past weekend. Seriously, some of the most down to earth, genuine and fun people I've ever met. The night I got there we went to one of their family friends house for an Artichoke Party. Are you kidding me? Why haven't I ever thought of having one of those? Everyone brings a dish with artichokes in it and they eat, socialize and drink wine...yes please.

Mike, his mom and I each made our own Hollandaise sauce for Easter Brunch to atop a snazy, loaded Eggs Benedict that we enjoyed on their back porch in the joyous Colorado sun. Mike's was super creamy, Marge's was on the buttery side and mine was "Tabasco-forward." Both me and Mike hadn't made Hollandaise sauce since culinary school so it was fun and embarrassing trying to remember the ratios of the classic sauce.

Being that it's the "ugliest part of the year" in Colorado right now, I'd say it's got a lot going for it. The two hikes I was able to go on were spectacular. I hope I'm back in Spring to see it in full bloom!

The Shethars!

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cookanddog said...

love the greystone connection out in good ol' Colorado! Hope you liked Colorado! -Sasha