Friday, April 23, 2010

Family Favorite

Evvia, located in downtown Palo Alto, is my family's "go-to" restaurant. It's a little pricey for multiple times a week but if there's a birthday in the house or a special guest we're there.
It offers Greek food with a rustic twist, beautiful wooden tables, friendly staff and a semi-open kitchen that bursts with old world sentiments.

When you go there are two menu items you must order:

1. Arnisia Paidakia - rib-cut, mesquite-grilled lamb chops with olive oil roasted potatoes
(pictured above)
2. Galaktoboureko - traditional phyllo wrapped vanilla bean semolina custard with pistachio ice cream

We ordered three desserts to share last time we went and I wish we had ordered three of the Galaktoboureko's instead of the other two!

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S_Sotelo said...

Or you can come to Opa! :) Love your blog Vanessa!