Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I Hope You Can Ice Skate

railing at the metro station after work...ICE

Yesterday it hailed, rained and the sidewalks of Rennes turned to ice. Not only the sidewalks but everything you can imagine. The hand railings, door knobs, light posts, car doors...even the walls of the restaurant had a layer of ice on them!

This morning on my way to work I dealt with the remnants of the hail storm walking from my flat to the metro and then the 1/2 mile walk from the metro to the restaurant. I literally ice skated. It sounds fun and seems like it should be an easier way to go about the town but it's quite terrible. My body gets real tense and I feel like I can't bend my knees or I'll eat it. The few times I think that maybe, just maybe the ground looks de-iced and suitable for a normal step forward I end up doing the reverse moon walk and regret the decision immediately.

The good news is I had an enjoyable show put on by my fellow stage, Baptist, last night who ice skated/busted mad moves under a street light outside the restaurant as if he were in a night club doing back-up moves for the late Michael Jackson. I guess when life throws you ice you should ice dance? Yes. Take that as a lesson.

(my walk to work this morning...the ground looks wet but it's actually one big ice sheet...yes, it fooled me too)


Lindsay said...

Ice dancing. Yes, definitely.

Victoria said...

Vanessa, good post! I can feel your pain here in my well warmed office. Don't "break a leg" when you ice dance! Luv, Catherine