Friday, November 27, 2009

Chef's Out

The other night Chef only made it to the first work shift of the day and peaced out for the second to go to a big footbol (soccer) game in Paris with Joe, the Sous Chef.

It was to be a night remembered. Apparently nights like this one only happen every couple years; ones without any yelling, hardly any customers or cooks and getting out before 11:30. I think getting out early could be my favorite thing ever.

It made for a fun night of silliness and laughter....
At one point a handful of the guys were singing "hi-ho, hi-ho" in French and it was so funny!! They likewise thought our version in English was quite hilarious.
Don't worry, all the food still came out great ;-)

chopping mushrooms with absolutely no elbow room....for fun

Jeremy wearing the BIG chef hat instead of our Burger King ones out of rebellion

Baptiste pretending to be the Pope

Michel kissing a St. Pierre

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