Sunday, May 24, 2009

Wine Spectator Greystone Restaurant...

Isn't that a mouth full to say? I even think it's cumbersome and confusing to remember "WSGR" for writing it shorthand. whew.

I'm officially out of the teaching kitchen and floating through rotations within the restaurant connected to our school. Despite my initial feeling of chaos and confusion of having to learn a new kitchen it's been pretty cool for the most part. My life at school is completely different. Instead of eating with everyone else we make family meal and eat with other staff within the restaurant which means we basically never see the rest of the school. We now get off on the second floor from the elevator, which, for my time here up until now, to be extremely intimidating with non-Chef Instructor Chefs walking around doing their thing in the real world. Now though, its all normal...funny how your perspective can change so drastically so fast. The other day the elevator opened far across the room, past the dish-station and hallway from where I was chopping in the back kitchen. It opened just as I decided I needed to go upstairs to get something so I looked up and semi-yelled (yelling's not looked highly upon in kitchens unless you're the Chef) "WAIT!" while shuffling swiftly over to the elevator where students from classes behind mine were staring, just as I had before, at the foreign place. I think I ruined any sort of wonder or glamorous thought of the restaurant they had from my desperate plea.

The picture I have posted is of the day I worked the "temptations" station. Temptations are small bites or snacks before your appetizer and I love them. They're the perfect little taste to have with a drink while not making you too full. Pictured from left to right is a lamb chop with fava bean puree and mint, lavash with hummus, caramelized shallots and paprika oil, green garlic soup with extra virgin olive oil, crostini with egg salad and bocorones, and finally beef carpaccio with a salad of parsley, shaved parmesan cheese and extra virgin olive oil.
The other picture is Karl holding up the little lamb chops we were about to grill up to the window. We thought it looked like beautiful stained glass. Perhaps only if you like the look of raw meat, which, apparently we do.

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