Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"Did you think before deciding on this?"

(right after crossing the Antioch bridge...the one place I actually feared for my life)

Well, not exactly. Sometimes I don't think things through well enough...mainly the details of something, mainly how difficult something will be, especially if I think it sounds like an adventure of some sort.

It's been a few weeks since I tackled the 68 miles from Antioch to Sacramento with my two amigos Brian and Thomas. At this point I think it sounds exciting and a ride I might do again if the weather forecast promises me it won't produce a head wind for the second half of the trip. It has, however, taken me a little while to grow out of my thinking the trip was a foolish idea. I made it, right? Despite thinking my body might just break into a million pieces those last 15 miles it actually stayed in in tact I was able to walk the streets of downtown Sacramento later that night to experience a natives perspective. What a place!

I haven't pushed my body that hard since I raced Wildflower...though it was over 4 years ago the exact feeling came right back with my body feeling good and terrible all at the same time.

The views were actually quite beautiful with spectacular green grass and scattered clouds against blue skies, almost making up for the Springtime wind...
And the two boys I went with, they're pretty cool. Actually, they're really cool and I'm positive I wouldn't have been able to do even half of it without them.

Cheers to embarking on unplanned adventures...often!

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