Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sally Loo's

Sally Loo's! Why weren't you around when I went to school in San Luis Obispo? I would have been your number one fan, there each week studying while sipping lattes and nibbling on delicious baked goods. I would know all the regulars...because I'd BE one. I would walk in and it would be like a second home.
I miss you SLO.
I miss you more knowing Sally Loo's is gracing her presence there.

Okay, so you can't exactly buy blocks of cheese at Sally Loo's but you CAN bring a block of cheese and buy some toast to eat it with. This particular gem is called Lamb Chopper and it's made by Cypress Grove Chevre where Janne works!

Hands down the most delicious orange cinnamon roll in the entire world. I took one for the road and dug into it before we hit Paso Robles.

Fun Fact: Sally Loo's is owned by two of the coolest people ever- Jen and Brandon Manuele. They actually were the photographers for Lindsay and Davids wedding! Quite the power couple, right?!

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