Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Tonight I bought a Cava from Trader Joe's that was quite delicious. It's called
"Albero, Cava Brut".
Cava is a Spanish sparkling wine that I'm usually not a fan of but this one was surprisingly good. It reminded me of the cheaper champagne I used to drink in France...which made me miss the roommate and couple I used to drink champagne with in France. And because I'm on a roll of blog posts about France I decided to add another.

To top it off I bought Raspberry Sorbet for dessert which is something Gina and I constantly had stocked in our petite French freezer. It's just not the same eating and drinking such delights without these fabulous people.

(Gina's last day on the job...Chef Gesbert opened Dom Perignon!)

(Gina, Hugo, Nina and me in Rennes, France)

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