Friday, May 28, 2010

Sushi in Denver

Traditional Japanese Miso soup with tofu, seaweed, green onions, enoki,
shimeji, and shiitake mushrooms

Grilled Japanese shiitakes served on a bed mixed greens, pink grapefruit
and grape tomatoes tossed in a soy-ginger balsamic vinaigrette

My advice is simple: When in Denver, eat at Sushi Den. Supposedly (and I don't doubt it), it's the best sushi in the city.
I went with my friend Matt on a Monday night and it was packed to the brim. Three or four separate dining rooms projected classy, themed lighting and decor with two bars beautifully displaying bottles and a friendly staff. The sushi bar, where you can watch chefs create your sushi to order, could seat at least 15 guests at a time and looked magical. I loved the atmosphere as you can probably tell.
We scored a seat at the window and ordered an array of sushi along with the most delicious salad pictured above. Matt ordered the miso soup and said it was quite delectable with an abundance of whole mushrooms. They own two restaurants on the same block so I'm sure I'll be back to one of them next time I'm in the area!

I also had the pleasure of eating at Domo, another Japanese restaurant that focuses less on sushi and more on traditional dishes. Everything inside is rustic and dark with lanterns made of thin paper covered with Japanese characters and beer served in Turkish cups. (I think I prefer a cold pint glass)

The best part of Domo, aside from their food, is the Japanese garden/patio outside where every table has it's own bright red umbrella and every woman is given a basket to put their purse in so it won't sit on the gravel.

I wasn't able to capture pictures of the dishes since they failed to come out til dark but I did get a few of the gardens. We waited a ridiculous amount of time for our food and they didn't give us any sort of anything for waiting. If you know me you know I was peeved, especially after I insisted on our waiter bringing the manager to my frustration but I had to get over it since I was surrounded with good conversation and company and when the food finally did come, it was dynamic, fresh and full of goodness.

Next time I go I will hit it up for lunch, sit on the patio and make sure I come before the big rush so I'm not caught behind a few big parties. The food was most definitely worth it and I highly suggest experiencing what they have to offer...the Japanese curry was to die for!

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