Tuesday, July 21, 2009

No More CIA Chef Whites!

That's right, today was the last day my half of the class will be in our chef whites at The Culinary Institute of America! We will now transition back into our penguin uniforms until graduation day, August 7th. Bitter-sweet, bitter-sweet indeed, but I must say at this point it's much more sweet than bitter. I'm so excited to be done. I'll miss a few things, like Chef Brown and the learning atmosphere, but all in all I've gotten everything I've come for and it's time to move on. Here are a few pics of the last day. I have no clue how to explain my facial expression other than I think it publishes my emotions quite perfectly.

Daniel and Roger cracking jokes

Me: "how do you feel on our last day?"
Karl: you're lookin' at it

that would be a "thumbs up"

yes, of course Burroughs posed for me

Rachel and Emily with Joseph making a crazy face behind them


Matt said...

I can't believe you cited Chef Brown as the thing you'll miss. While I think thats lame...cause he was kinda lame, I know how much it hurts to miss one of your favorite Chef Instructors...a lot.

vcouvrey said...

okay, so it's kind of a joke...but not really, haha.
and for the record, chef brown is not lame...b/c that would make you lame since he and you have quite a lot in common ;-)

Uncle Beefy said...

Congrats!!! Can you & Gina smell your French adventures coming? SO exciting! Félicitations! That's "congratulations" in French! I KNOW! I'm not just fancy...I'm smart! Oui, oui. ;)

(I hope you and Gina are going to blog from France.) :)